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Model:  Xperia ZL (R)

Unlocked Sony Mobile Xperia ZL Smart Phone (Red) Specs

Features:   Quad BandAndroid™ Mobile Operating System4G TechnologyLTE Long Term Evolution (4G) TechnologyNear Field Communication, short range bar code readerWIFI™ TechnologyGPS TechnologyVideo Call ConferencingTV Output TechnologyBravia™ Engine TechnologyCamera With Flash13 Mega PixelsMemory Stick Micro™ TechnologyUSB Technology

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A screen as impressive as HDTV - Full HD Reality Display

Feel like you're there with the razor sharp and super bright full HD screen. Xperia ZL brings you the highest level of HD available - 1080 progressive scan, for incredibly crisp pictures and no jagged edges. Expertise from our BRAVIA® TV engineers goes into our cell phone screens, to bring you the same quality you'd expect from a top quality HDTV. The 5" full HD Reality Display also has very high pixel density - 443 pixels per inch, for razor sharp pictures - and superior brightness. And with the wide color gamut it gives you the widest color spectrum, so you can view every detail in vivid color.

True Screen intelligence - Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2

The second generation of our acclaimed Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 delivers an even better viewing experience by adding new real-time contrast optimization to the sharpness enhancement, high-quality color management and noise reduction. Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 is also able to analyze content type and adjust the image accordingly. Adding Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 to the Reality Display makes for the most intelligent HD cell phone screen - one that adapts automatically to display your content in the best way.

    (1) Contrast enhancement
  • Contrast in images and video is enhanced by making the darkest parts slightly darker, which brings out details in the picture.
    (2) Color Management
  • Color saturation is increased for specified color ranges, which makes the colors deeper and more vivid. And the intelligent Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 software reproduces skin color exactly as it appears to the naked eye.
    (3) Noise reduction
  • Distortion and noise is reduced when streaming low-quality video from online sources, such as YouTube. Noise is reduced both to individual frames and between frames, for clearer viewing.
    (4) Sharpness filter
  • Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 applies a sharpness filter to increase the overall detail level in the image. This is done by enhancing the edges and contrast without increasing noise.
Less reflective with OptiContrast™

We've eliminated a layer of air in the construction, bringing the touch panel closer to the display. This OptiContrast™ panel makes for less reflection and clearer viewing - even in bright sunlight, as well as creating a seamlessly black surface when the phone is turned off.

  • (1) Lens
  • (2) Removed air layer
  • (3) Sensor layer
  • (4) Display
Building something bright and brilliant

BRAVIA® engineers have discovered that we remember colors more vividly than they really are. That's the kind of knowledge they put into creating brilliant colors for our screens. Get a peek at this precision craftsmanship in the video.


Exmor RS™ for mobile - the world's first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones

HDR for photos and videos captures natural colors in any light. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an imaging technology used to capture clear photos against strong backlight. With HDR, the camera captures the same image at different exposure levels and layers them to create one optimized photo.

Xperia ZL introduces HDR to video, so that you can film even in high contrast situations, like in front of a window or with the sun behind your subject.

Always the right setting - Superior Auto

Now it's always easy to get a great shot. With Superior Auto, you don't have to know the ins and outs of camera settings to make use of them. In Superior Auto mode, the camera combines Scene Recognition with high quality and high performance image processing technology (HDR and noise reduction) to automatically shoot with the optimal settings. And your Android device is automatically optimized for 36 different scenes, so you always get the best shot.

Stunning shots in any light - 13 MP camera with Exmor RS™ for mobile

The 13 megapixel camera is built with the same modules as leading Sony cameras. Exmor RS™ for mobile is an evolution of our Sony image sensor technology, with a next-generation BSI light sensor. By adopting the technology of luminance and colour noise reduction, we've created a camera that snaps highly detailed shots with low noise - even in challenging lighting conditions. You're now also able to reproduce objects in more vivid colours and capture night images and faces in stunning clarity. Exmor RS™ for mobile includes HDR video, for clear shots even when your subject is backlit.

World's only dual Exmor R for mobile camera

We've included the Sony Exmor R™ for mobile sensor on the full HD front camera, so you can take self-portraits or chat in lowlight conditions as well. And both the front and rear cameras support HDR photos.

    Quick benefits:
  • Sweep panorama
  • Modeless UI gives you instant access to both camera and video mode
  • Take pictures in video mode
Never miss a moment - Burst mode

When you want to capture high intensity action, turn on burst mode. With the burst mode you can shoot an unlimited number of images at 10 frames per second and 9 MP resolution.

Find your memories in no time - Super-fast pinch to zoom

Our intuitive scaling mechanism is unique to Sony and makes it easy to find the picture you're searching for in your album - quickly. Or search your personalized globe to find shots taken and tagged with specific locations.

PlayMemories Online*

Upload pictures and videos from your Sony smartphone camera to PlayMemories Online. Then view your photos on any device - tablet, phone, computer, or BRAVIA® TV.

  • * PlayMemories Online is not available in every market.


An amazingly compact 5" smartphone - for a truly immersive display

We took away all the unnecessary hardware bits when building Xperia ZL, allowing the brilliant 5" display to take center stage. In order to get the high screen to phone size ratio, our engineers optimized components architecture and layout. The result is an Android smartphone that manages to feel both breathtakingly bold and impressively compact at the same time.

Quality craftsmanship

Xperia ZL was designed in collaboration with Sony consumer electronics experts, for quality craftsmanship and consistent attention to details. Only premium materials were used throughout, like aluminum for the power and volume buttons, the toughest glass for the front panel and a frame made of glass fiber polyamide that's as tough as metal.

Minimal yet distinctive - OmniBalance design

With Xperia ZL, we introduce our new OmniBalance design. The design is focused on creating balance and symmetry in all directions. Xperia ZL has subtly rounded edges and a natural hand fit curvature, and it's held together by an innovative skeleton frame. OmniBalance design balances technology vs. design, letting you get so totally immersed in the content that the hardware disappears.

Premium design, outside and inside - Sony unified UI

Whether you're on a Sony smartphone or tablet, you'll meet a consistent user interface on your devices and in all your Sony Media apps.


One-touch functions from Sony

Sharing with friends and connecting your world has never been easier. Based on NFC (near field communication), our one-touch functions connect one device to another in a single tap. No wires, cables, or fiddling with settings necessary.

One-touch mirroring

See photos from your phone on your TV. Simply touch your smartphone to the remote from your BRAVIA® TV to activate screen mirroring.

One-touch backup

Whether you take pictures on your Xperia ZL smartphone, tablet or camera, now you can store them in the same place. The Sony Personal Content Station™ is a wireless hub for photos and videos.

One-touch listening

Play the music on your smartphone through a wireless speaker or wireless headphones.

One-touch sharing

Share photos, music and more between two phones, or between your phone and an NFC-enabled laptop.

From your smartphone to the big screen

Want to share your memories on the big screen? Or go from headphones to speakers? "Throw" content from your smartphone to your Wi-Fi-enabled TV through screen mirroring or DLNA, or send your tunes to a speaker via Bluetooth. Using "Throw", your device finds the best way to wirelessly connect your smartphone to other devices. With an MHL cable, you can also mirror your phone's full user interface on your TV and enjoy movies, games and more while charging.

Smart Connect

Make your life simpler by setting up how your smartphone behaves when it connects to other devices. Open your music player when you connect your headphones, organize your Sony Android SmartWatch, or activate your alarm clock when your phone touches the charging dock. Smart Connect is the software that lets you manage all your smart accessories.

Connect and drive

Xperia ZL supports MirrorLink™, which means you're able to project your Xperia display onto your A/V receiver and stay safely connected while you drive. Hook up Xperia ZL to your Sony MirrorLink™ A/V receiver and use the touch screen on your dashboard to access maps, music, your phone book and more.

  • * Sony and the Sony logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
  • Xperia is the trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB.
  • MirrorLink™ and the MirrorLink™ logo are certification marks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Open Google maps automatically when you get in the car. Set your phone to vibrate mode at the office. Start your favorite playlist when you come home. NFC-enabled SmartTags trigger an action on your phone with a single touch.

Processor & Battery

Lightning speed performance - Quad-core processor

We've matched the latest Sony software with the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor. This advanced quad core processor gives you maximum performance and speed without draining your battery - run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with no loading time, and stream videos without a break. The Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is asynchronous, which means each core is powered up and down independently. So you get the precise amount of power when you need it, without wasting power when you don't.

    Quick benefits:
  • Super-fast performance
  • Better battery life
  • Improved multitasking
Outstanding graphics

With the Adreno 320 GPU (graphics processing unit) you play the most advanced and visually stunning 3D games, and browse the web quickly and smoothly.

    Quick benefits
  • Twice as fast for gaming*
  • Stutter-free web surfing
  • * Compared to previous version of Adreno
Ultra-fast LTE/4G technology

Your Xperia smartphone has a built-in LTE/4G modem. This enables blazing internet connections with up to 100 Mbit/s download and 50 MBit/s upload speeds.

Always loud and clear - HD Voice*

HD voice* eliminates background noise to improve voice clarity. That means that you can talk normally and be heard clearly, without having to raise your voice, even in noisy environments. Now you don't have to shout to be heard, or try to find a quiet place for your conversation.

  • * HD voice functionality is operator-dependant.
Smartphone with super power

The Snapdragon™ S4 Pro quad-core processor gives you super-fast performance, unparalleled graphics and efficient battery use. Find your way on Google maps. Stream the latest YouTube clips with LTE. Or download the newest apps and run them without a hitch. Get it all when you want it - now.

Significantly improve battery life with Battery STAMINA Mode

Smartphones use a lot of power, even when you're not actively using them. All those apps that you have on your phone may still be running in the background, draining your battery. Battery STAMINA Mode saves you wasted battery drain. It recognizes when you're not using your display and automatically turns off the functions you don't need, while keeping the notifications you want. As soon as you press the power button to wake up your screen, everything is up and running again.

Get only the important notices

With Battery STAMINA Mode, Wi-Fi and data traffic are disabled during standby, but you still receive incoming calls, texts, and alarms. And since everyone has different needs, you can easily customize which apps you want to receive push notifications from, even in standby mode. Facebook notifications on or off? It's up to you.

Technical Specifications

    • 151 grams
    • 5.33 ounces
    • 131.6 x 69.3 x 9.8 mm
    • 5.18 x 2.7 x 0.39 inches
      On The Inside
    • Google Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
    • 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Quad Core
    Display and Design
  • 5", 1920x1080 pixels, 16,777,216 color TFT
  • Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2
  • Shatter-proof sheet on scratch-resistant glass
  • Capacitive touchscreen with on-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Screenshot capturing
    • 2GB
      Flash Memory
    • Up to 16 GB
      Expansion Slot
    • microSD™ card, up to 32 GB
      Xperia ZL
    • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    • UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 8)
    • LTE Band 4
      Xperia ZL (LTE)
    • GSM GPRS EDGE 850/900/1800/190
    • UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 8)
    • LTE Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 17
    Connectivity and Communication
  • 3.5 mm audio jack (CTIA)
  • aGPS
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • DLNA Certified
  • IR Remote
  • Media Go
  • Media Transfer Protocol support
  • MHL support
  • Micro USB support
  • Native USB tethering
  • NFC
  • PC Companion
  • Throw
  • Synchronization by Exchange ActiveSync, Google Sync and Facebook
  • TV Out
  • USB High speed 2.0 support
  • Wi-Fi and WiFi Hotspot functionality
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • eCompass
  • NeoReader barcode scanner
    Camera and Video
  • 16x digital zoom
  • HD video recording (1080p)
  • 13 megapixel Exmor RS camera with photo flash and auto focus
  • Flash/Pulsed LED and Photo light
  • Face detection
  • Geotagging
  • Image stabilizer
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Scene recognition
  • Self timer
  • Send to web
  • Sony's Exmor R for mobile CMOS sensor
  • Sweep Panorama
  • Touch focus
  • 2 MP, 1080p, front facing camera
    Pre-loaded Applications
  • Google Play*
  • Google search*
  • Google Voice Search*
  • Google Maps for Mobile with Street view and Latitude*
  • Web browser (WebKit)
  • Google Talk application*
  • Google Mail*
  • xLoud Experience - audio filter technology from Sony
  • 3D surround sound
  • Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  • Music tones (MP3/AAC)
  • TrackID music recognition*
  • "WALKMAN" application
  • 3D games
  • Motions gaming
  • PlayStation Certified
  • Sony Entertainment Network (selected markets only)
  • Video streaming
  • YouTube*
  • Facebook application*


Battery Type Network Talk Time Standby Time
Li-Ion 2370 mAh (2G) Up to 10 hrs[1] Up to 500 hrs[1]
Li-Ion 2370 mAh (3G) Up to 13 hrs[1] Up to 500 hrs[1]
Li-Ion 2370 mAh - Music aprox 40 hrs -


    • Mega Bass™, Memory Stick Duo™, Memory Stick PRO Duo™, Memory Stick Micro™, M2™, microSD™ and Xperia™ are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

    • [1] Values are according to GSM Association Battery Life Measurement Technique. Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configurations, and phone usage.

    • * This service is not available in all markets.

    • Copyright © 2013 Sony Mobile Communications AB. All rights reserved

    Model:  Xperia ZL (R)

    Unlocked Sony Mobile Xperia ZL Smart Phone (Red) Specs

    Features:   Quad BandAndroid™ Mobile Operating System4G TechnologyLTE Long Term Evolution (4G) TechnologyNear Field Communication, short range bar code readerWIFI™ TechnologyGPS TechnologyVideo Call ConferencingTV Output TechnologyBravia™ Engine TechnologyCamera With Flash13 Mega PixelsMemory Stick Micro™ TechnologyUSB Technology